Artist Statement

| Artist Statement

My primary research interest is in making letterpress broadside prints and artists’ books. I print broadsides, large single sheets with images and type, because of their immediacy and ability to explore the relation- ship between image and text. These prints and books utilize handset lead type printed in the letterpress method combined with alternative and new technologies of digital imaging and outputting. My work attempts to reveal the unique beauty of the physical impression of words pressed into the paper surface.

I design, illustrate, and hand print letterpress printed broadsides (prints) and books that
follow five distinct avenues of interest. These include the visual interpretation of poetry; commissioned commemorative prints for special events; political and social satire and humor; personal celebrations featuring my own poetry; and prints showcasing historical applications of typography.

My recent research since 1998 has focused on the printing specimen sheets and neologisms from the wood type collection at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

In 2004 I completed a limited letterpress book of poetry, Threatening Heaven (Innerer Klang Press, Boston) — a book in German and English by Rainer Maria Rilke, with an introduction and translations by Robert Bly.

For detailed professional information, please see my Professional Summary.